ron roble viejo ultra añejo - venezuelan rum



ORIGINE: Venezuela

RÉGION: Valles del Tuy, État de Miranda.

A Single Vintage Limited Edition Rum, Aged for 12 Years under the traditional method. Each edition is tailored exclusively of casks of the same vintage that previously aged Bourbon and Pedro Ximenez, carefully selected by the “Maestro Ronero”.

Intense amber, bright and clear. Density that can be appreciated by its long and abundant “legs” that move slowly down the glass.

Notes of Molasses, red fruits, aromas of citrus peel, cocoa powder, coffee, toffee and fresh almonds. Gentle beginning, slightly sweet and oaky, with notes of red fruits, followed by subtle notes of brazil nuts, orange peel and prunes. Discreet minerality with a strong but smooth body that evolves into an intense, round and persistent ending.

A premium limited edition Venezuelan Rum defined by its distinctive structure and character. Exceptional by itself or with a cube of ice.

Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo, for sharing on special moments.

70.47 CHF

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Profil de ce vin

Profil de ce vin

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